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Matchday live: AFC Bournemouth v Huddersfield Town

Last updated:

LIVE SCORE: Cherries 2 (Grabban 55 p, Rantie 72) Huddersfield (Woods 59) 1.

  • CHERRIES: Camp, Francis, Ward, Elphick, Daniels, Ritchie, Arter, O'Kane, Surman, Pugh, Grabban. Subs: Cook, Harte, MacDonald, McQuoid, Pitman, Rantie, Allsop.
  • HUDDERSFIELD: Smithies, Smith, Gerrard, Wallace, Woods, Norwood, Clayton, Gobern, Ward, Wells. Subs: Southern, Lolley, Scannell, Stead, Holmes, Clarke, Bennett.
  • Cherries unchanged from their past two encounters.
  • Huddersfield duo Adam Hammill and James Vaughan, who got four of their goals in a 5-1 win over Cherries in August, miss out with knee problems.

  • Comments

    Mike Oxbig 6:07pm Tue 28 Jan 14

    Can we make it to 15 games with only 3 wins tonight? Do we dare to take a shot and perhaps actually score a goal in open play? Are we to dream of our first league victory in 2014? Come 10 o'clock this evening I suspect we will all be reading the usual commenters say how beautiful the football was, but we were simpy lacking in the final third. How much longer is Howe going to persist with his flawed system. Only the patience of our mute Moscovite will tell. Regards.

    Score: -20
    afcbtintin 6:15pm Tue 28 Jan 14

    Yes we do have issues, but there's no need to be so negative about it. What are going to do? I, for one am going to take my usual place and cheer on the team that I SUPPORT

    Score: 3
    bmthtillidie 6:27pm Tue 28 Jan 14

    Torquay game postponed waterlogged pitch and heavy rain weather forecast for the entire game. Will it start or be abandoned?

    Score: -2
    Lesleycherry 6:39pm Tue 28 Jan 14

    Let's hope it is on tonight and that we get those three points! After the way we played on Saturday we only need that little bit extra finishing touch. Come on, boys, let's see some real result for all that effort! We're all supporting you.

    Score: 1
    atha 7:00pm Tue 28 Jan 14

    Oxbig I hope you will be first on here after we win tonight.
    Oh hang on, you and your chum shminto will be tucked up on bed with teddy before 9.30.

    Score: 0
    alasdair1967 7:25pm Tue 28 Jan 14

    Don't worry lads the real die hard fans will be cheering you on this evening ,the ones that know there are more than two home games in a season

    Score: 0
    WHYNOT 7:46pm Tue 28 Jan 14

    i see we are playing at home with our normal one up front, lets hope it works for once

    Score: 0
    alasdair1967 8:05pm Tue 28 Jan 14

    Seeing the pictures of the standing water if the rain persists will be amazed if this match is played to a conclusion

    Score: -2
    alasdair1967 8:41pm Tue 28 Jan 14

    Confused match day live afc Bournemouth v Huddersfield yet non league get more coverage

    Score: -1
    alasdair1967 8:49pm Tue 28 Jan 14

    Any updates on the pitch at dean court have the officials looked at it during half time looks worse than it did prior to the burton postponement

    Score: -2
    alasdair1967 9:04pm Tue 28 Jan 14

    Get in grabs ,still won't please Oxbig seeing as I did not come from open play a goals a goal

    Score: 1
    alasdair1967 9:11pm Tue 28 Jan 14

    I give up what's the point my local paper can't keep up with commentating on our local team off to the bbc far better coverage there

    Score: 1
    alasdair1967 9:20pm Tue 28 Jan 14

    Ran tie FROM open play

    Score: 2
    Richard 1976 9:44pm Tue 28 Jan 14

    Great result. Well done lads!

    Score: 3
    alasdair1967 9:47pm Tue 28 Jan 14

    Omg how the trolls must be cursing a cherries win and a goal from open play by the one and only rantie how they must be spitting feathers tonight,
    That said well done to the players for grinding out a win in terrible conditions needs to be parity on the referees part ,conditions seemed far worse tonight than it was on the original burton postponement but three points on the board will do me ,OXBIG HOPE YOUR SAVING FOR THAT SEASON TICKET !!!!

    Score: 2
    golfer33 9:49pm Tue 28 Jan 14


    Score: 2
    TedMacsCherryPants 10:00pm Tue 28 Jan 14

    Well done boys 14th n the league, now let's leapfrog Leeds(scum!)!

    Nice one TK hope the floodgates are opening (no weather pun intended!)!

    Score: 2
    easthoweafcb. 10:31pm Tue 28 Jan 14

    Oxbog ssssssshhhhhhhhh! We won and scored from open play and our goals were scored by grabber and Rantie how do you feel now! Has mummy read your bedtime story and kissed you goodnight?

    Score: 1

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