TOP boxing prospect Iain Weaver is ready to turn his back on his British title dream and fight out of Ireland if his licence dispute continues.

Weaver reported that a professor in Ireland had indicated he could get the green light to box there after being repeatedly turned down in Britain.

The Ferndown lad is yet to make his pro debut after seeing his applications to fight declined by the British Boxing Board of Control (BBBofC).

Weaver, a former amateur star, has been unable to gain a licence in Britain on medical grounds since a brain scan showed a cyst.

Despite Weaver confirming he had received the all-clear from two different neurosurgeons, the BBBofC has not shifted its stance.

His father, Jay Weaver, subsequently sent his medical reports to a specialist in Ireland and said his son could now fight out of either Ireland or Spain.

Weaver senior told the Daily Echo: “The professor who deals with all the Boxing Union of Ireland’s boxers has given Iain the go-ahead to carry on with his boxing career.

“If Iain takes residency over in Ireland, we can get an Irish licence. Or, if he wants, we can get a European licence boxing through Spain.

“We would rather box in England but, if needs be, we will go through the Irish or European route.”

Weaver junior, 23, favours remaining in England but says he will move if that is what it takes.

He said: “I am happy to go wherever I have to go to fight. That is all I have done all my life. I have proved I am safe to fight.

“I would love to box in England and get a British licence and fight for a British title like I always dreamed of doing as a kid.

“But, for some reason, Robert Smith is not allowing me to do that.”

BBBofC general secretary Smith told the Echo last month: “All his medical documentation has been considered and the board’s stewards and medical panel do not feel that it would be beneficial to grant him a professional boxing licence.”

Smith has since told the BBC that the topic could again be up for discussion at a meeting on February 13.

Weaver junior added: “It is really frustrating because I can’t see what the problem is.

“I keep going to these specialists and they keep saying to me ‘you are fine’.”

Meanwhile, Weaver senior says his son will have to end his |association with Matchroom Sport if he does not fight out of Britain.

Weaver reported that the promoters had agreed to terminate his contract if required. The Echo was last night awaiting a response from Matchroom.