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Matchday Live: Walsall v Cherries

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    Football banning order yob 2:45pm Sat 19 Jan 13

    Thomas n pitman up front could be a good pairing..

    Score: 0
    Scalpel 2:47pm Sat 19 Jan 13

    Are we all ready for this goalfest?

    Score: 0
    Julian1963 2:57pm Sat 19 Jan 13

    Thought Ryan Fraser was playing?

    Score: 0
    twinkletoes25 3:00pm Sat 19 Jan 13

    anyone know whats up with marc pugh

    Score: 0
    Dont have short memorys 3:09pm Sat 19 Jan 13

    How ridiculous for a Scot to have to have International clearance are we not still the United Kingdom I know before someone tells me itsabout FA,s but its sll daft

    Score: 0
    pehf1rules 3:38pm Sat 19 Jan 13

    Pugh not fit, and you think we will score loads of goals today playing with 2 out of 3 miss-firing strikers ???

    Score: 0
    alasdair1967 4:11pm Sat 19 Jan 13

    Well it's time for the boys to dig deep and try and salvage a point

    Score: 0
    abc100 4:14pm Sat 19 Jan 13

    The comeback is on

    Score: 0
    alasdair1967 4:21pm Sat 19 Jan 13

    Come on the cherries !!!! Notes not only vokes now ings on scoresheet for burnley

    Score: 0
    alasdair1967 4:22pm Sat 19 Jan 13

    Well done to the 317 brave travelling supporters come on lads give them a happy return home

    Score: 0
    pehf1rules 4:27pm Sat 19 Jan 13

    Pitman back on form !!!!!! ;-)

    Score: 0
    alasdair1967 4:34pm Sat 19 Jan 13

    Not a lot happening on the pitch then or has the Internet dropped out

    Score: 0
    WHYNOT 4:41pm Sat 19 Jan 13

    good .... thomiss off

    Score: 0
    alasdair1967 4:50pm Sat 19 Jan 13

    Well there goes the run in the league ! What the hell was o Kane thinking

    Score: 0
    charlie2004 5:03pm Sat 19 Jan 13

    What happened there? Not used to losing.

    Score: 0

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