JAN Rawson of Tuckton contacted the Echo after seeing Sue Mathison's picture of residents from Wheaton, Rebbeck and Roberts roads, Pokesdown, printed in the Echo on March 22 and again on April 19.

Jan was eight years old when the residents went on their trip to London in 1953. She is the 'unknown' child in the front row, next to the late Jackie Saxby with a bow in her hair.

She also pointed out that June George is the daughter of Charlie and Annie Turner, not Anita Hall as suggested in the Feedback line up on April 19.

The lady in the grey suit wearing glasses on the far right is Aunty Jum, she was related to Marilyn Brown on the far left, who later married the man behind her, the footballer Ray Weigh.

The woman on the right, showing a white collar, behind Mrs Elsie Shutler, the dark haired lady with glasses facing the front, is Jan's mother Isobel Rawson, better known as 'Babs'. Behind Ralph Shutler, with curly hair and glasses, at the window of the coach on the left you can just see the top of the head of Jan's auntie, Irene Rawson.

Charlie Turner, on the front row on the far left of the picture, was better known as 'Choral'. He was a dustman who prided himself in keeping clean after his dirty job. He was liked by everybody, especially the children who all called him grandad. He had an 'Aladdin's cave' shed in his garden which seemed to house everything and no child was allowed to go in.

Jan's father Fred Rawson was the driver of the coach for the London trip. The Turner and Rawson families were close.