CATS and dogs in Dorset are in need of forever homes.

Margaret Green Animal Rescue, which has two centres in the county, is trying to re-home the latest pets in its care.

Roger, a two-year-old greyhound, is looking for a family that will share his love of playtime and splashing about in the water.

He could live with another like-minded, playful dog and teenage children, but not with cats or small furry animals.

Rayfe, a three-year-old rough-coated Lurcher, loves to play and run about. He is also very affectionate and enjoy cuddles, according to the staff.

Due to his instinctive sight hound traits, he would be best suited as the only pet in an adult-only home.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Peanut, 11, is described as “sweet and playful” by Margaret Green and she is still “very active”.

She is looking for a family where she will be the only pet, and she can live with older children.

A number of felines are in need of forever homes as well.

Inky, a nine-month-old kitten, is “super-duper friendly and talkative”, the rescue staff say.

He loves fuss and affection and being around people.

He is fine to live with children, and he could also live with a cat or dog.

Crystal, seven, is also very friendly and affectionate and likes to meet and greet visitors to the rescue centre.

She would need to be the only pet in a fairly quiet home.

Finally, nine-month-old kitten Twinkle is currently “very nervous” and taking a while to settle in to the rescue centre, but is “very friendly and affectionate” once she gets to know someone.

She should be fine to live with children.