GREYHOUNDS, lurchers and their owners will be putting their best paws forward to celebrate the Great Global Greyhound Walk.

Hounds and humans will be walking simultaneously at a number of parks, woods, beaches and cities across the world on Sunday, June 11.

A Dorset greyhound charity supporter will be leading the walk at Upton Country Park, Poole. Last year’s walk involved 87 dogs and was the fourth largest event in the UK.

This year’s walk will be setting off at 11am and is planned to take around an hour.

For those who wish to support the walk but cannot manage the longer route can take a shorter route.

A picnic will be held on the main field in front of the house for those who wish to socialise after the walk.

Janet Peacock, chair of the Greyhound Walks charity, who helped organise the first Great British Greyhound Walk in 2010, said: “The idea of the walk is to celebrate greyhounds and to raise awareness and promote them as wonderful family pets once their racing days are over.

“Greyhounds and lurchers make great companions; they adore human company, are gentle, docile and loving and walk really well on the lead.

“Contrary to popular belief, greyhounds don't require much exercise - just two 20 minute walks per day are sufficient, although, of course, they enjoy longer walks too, and many can happily live with cats.”

She added: “The Great Global Greyhound Walk offers a wonderful opportunity to socialise with the dogs and their owners, but, most of all, it is a great way to promote sighthounds as wonderful pets.”

The theme of this year’s walk is Colours of the World and owners (and their pets) are welcome to dress up.

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