FORMER Marconi chairman, Paul Robinson CBE, has died in Bournemouth aged 92.

Paul Kenneth Robinson was not born in Bournemouth but he lived in the town for two spells of his life, for more than 50 years.

"His working life took him all over the world but it was to Bournemouth he returned in 1991 for his long retirement with his wife Helen and will be remembered as a president of Bournemouth Probus, as a member at Dudsbury golf course in Ferndown, and as a keen supporter of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra," said Andrew Robinson, one of his sons.

Born in 1925, his parents were themselves both from the Victorian age, his father serving in the Indian Army, and he himself grew up in Lincolnshire. He went to Durham University in wartime and recalled fire-watching on the cathedral roof and that his first tutor was Michael Ramsey, later Archbishop of Canterbury.

He served in the RAF in the latter stages of the war as a wireless operator and then returned to university before joining the electronics company GEC-Marconi in 1950.

Forty years later, he retired as chairman of Marconi Communications, working in the defence industry, and it was for this work, advising a government report for the then minister, Michael Heseltine, he was awarded the C.B.E in 1990.

"Paul left GEC in 1966 and joined Plessey in Poole, enabling him to move to Bournemouth for nearly 20 years. He and Helen lived in Boscombe and their five sons attended Bournemouth School. Paul and Helen's grandsons still live locally," said Andrew.

Paul returned to work for GEC in the mid-seventies and commuted to his office and factory in Surrey, spending weekends in Bournemouth which involved trips to the beach and lunches in New Forest pubs, as well as occasional trips to see AFC Bournemouth.

Paul worked on weapon development, on the 'Blue Streak' rocket in his early career and the 'Sea Slug' missile in the 70s. His major project was a huge radio communications order for the US Navy. At one stage he was responsible for 7,000 employees.

In 1991 Paul and Helen moved to Southbourne. Retirement life revolved round Probus, golf and Sunday lunches at the Miramar and Cumberland hotels and the Pebble Beach fish restaurant.

Paul's later years were devoted to caring for Helen suffering with Alzheimer's. In January he had a fall and went into nursing care.

"He was proud of and devoted to his large family but his love was very much for his adopted town, too,"said Andrew.

Paul died on July 21 and his funeral was held at Bournemouth Crematorium on July 31.