FAMILES were treated to day of fun and activity with their loved ones in the New Forest.

Local charity Faithworks Wessex's lone parent families SMILE project teamed up with Project Manna on their launch day for a variety of outdoor pursuits.

This included feeding sheep, making bug hotels, raft-making and a barbecue lunch provided by supermarket chain Morrisons.

Children aged a few months to 15 years worked in teams throughout the day.

The "boys loved being outdoors and building stuff, and want to do more" said one of the mums.

A 10-year-old boy taking part said he rarely did one thing for very long, however he had really enjoyed the day at Project Manna and was looking forward to going back saying "it’s fun here".

The day coincided with the launch of local Project Manna, set in the rural surroundings of the New Forest with their flock of Jacob sheep and honey bees.

Bethany Turner, project manager, said: "Project Manna supports people to create lasting change in their lives."

The scheme provided enough volunteers to work alongside each family attending and also provided positive male role models for the children, many of whom have little or no contact with their own fathers.

There a variety of new opportunities for the children with Project Manna volunteers ensuring everyone was acting safely.

Mikala James, SMILE project worker in West Howe and Kinson, said: "The activity day promoted families working together outside their normal living environment."

"It was the first time many of the children were entrusted to do activities."