A CHRISTIAN nursery in Branksome Park  held an art exhibition of work produced by the children to celebrate a term-long project.

More than 150 people attended the event at All Saints' Church Hall on Western Road, as All Saints' Nursery showed off their creative talents.

The foyer area and main hall were transformed into a display of all the work the children have put together in the last few months while at the nursery.

The exhibition was set out in themes based on a trip the children made from the hall down to the beach.

The route included woodland paths through the chine, before arriving at the beach, which inspired the boys and girls to produce colourful seaside artworks.

Stephanie Parrett, the nursery manager, said she was so proud of what the children had produced.

"The exhibition is our end of year celebration and it's fantastic to see so many members of family and friends coming to the hall to see all the amazing work the children have been doing,"

"This is the first time we have put on this exhibition and with it going so well today, it is definitely something we will look at doing again."

The nursery also organised for local artists to come and visit the children and show them some of the skills they use before putting them into practice.

One of the artists specialises in dog portraits and the children's efforts, which were on display at the exhibition, showed there may well be a Raphael, Michelangelo or da Vinci in the making at the nursery.

All Saints' Church Hall vicar, Revd Charlie Boyle, said it was a real positive to see the nursery putting on such a big exhibition.

"It is really wonderful to see the creativity of the children from All Saints' Nursery, which is going from strength to strength," Revd Boyle said.

"Having young people involved in the church is essential and both the nursery and church do that - we average 35 children at our Sunday school."