THESE spellbinding pictures of a newlywed couple are guaranteed to leave you bewitched.

Gemma and Ben Milward, who live in Hamworthy, had these Harry Potter-inspired pictures taken at Highcliffe Castle as part of their wedding day.

The couple got married at the Lord Bute but visited Highcliffe Castle after dark so they could have these atmospheric shots taken.

Bournemouth-based photographer Joe Weil, who has been taking wedding pictures for 10 years, captured the magical photos but he certainly wasn’t fazed by the couple’s unusual request.

He said: “It’s the first time someone’s brought wands but it’s the right time of year for it”.

“They liked a lot of different stuff, including low lighting”.

Gemma, 34, who describes herself as a “crazy” Harry Potter fan, came up with the idea for the photo shoot.

She said: “I read all the books when I used to babysit and watched all the films and made Ben watch them, too.”

“I visited Highcliffe Castle months earlier and said it looked just like Hogwarts.”

“Joe was like ‘you’ve got wands?’ and kept telling us to get our sticks out. I said ‘they’re not sticks they’re wands!’”

One of the images shows the couple pointing wands at the full moon while, in another, they can be seen pointing wands at each other as if to cast a spell.

However, while it may look like the couple is illuminated by the silvery moon, it’s actually the light from an iPhone.

The couple even had potions and spells props at the reception but it doesn’t end there.

Gemma and Ben will be visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando during their honeymoon.