THE recent news that Christchurch council is joining in the discussions with Poole and Bournemouth to investigate the combination of the authorities into one council to govern the conurbation is good news to Christchurch council tax payers like myself.

There is no doubt that the conurbation is just one single economic and social place. I have run businesses in each of the three boroughs and lived in two of them. It was never clear to me why the councils did not combine years ago.

Christchurch council currently looks after less than 25 per cent of the spend locally. I was pleased when they started to combine services with East Dorset, but it would be much better to combine with our two larger neighbours and have one governing body which hopefully will sort out the local issues like traffic which overspill from one to another.

Good luck with the talks and please work together, not against each other.


Laurel Close, Highcliffe