TODAY my wife and I walked from The Square to the Pier Head and we were delighted by the magnificent floral display along the Lower Gardens.

Well done. There were plenty of wonderful colours and species of plants. There was also a council employee picking up rubbish.

However, the old photographs on the pier badly need updating/replenishing.

They are a magnificent record of the Pier history but many of the photographs’ plastic covers are worn to the extent that you can hardly see the photos.

My favourite picture is of some woman in a swimming costume jumping off a diving board built on the side of the pier.

There is no diving off the pier nowadays under the present Health and Safety Regulations!

We hold season tickets for the pier entry and were told that we have to pay special tickets for the Air Show, which is fair enough.

But they are not available in advance; why not? It would save queues on the air show days.

A couple of years ago an employee was standing to the left, waving through those who already purchased a ticket; that avoided an unnecessary wait to enter.


Apple Grove, Christchurch