Gwen Lake, 77, a retired member of staff at a chemist from Christchurch, said: "Stompin' on the Quomps is the event I look forward to the most. There is so much that the event gets right. The atmosphere, the range of music and it's so relaxed. There is never any trouble."

Reg Lake, 78, a retired BA member of staff from Christchurch, said: "I would also have to say Stompin' on the Quomps. This year it poured with rain in the afternoon, but in the evening when we went down it was packed and everyone was having a great time."

Fiona Paterson, 58, a production planner from Hinton, said: "I can't choose between them, they're all so good. The carnival is great fun but I like to go to a lot of the event so couldn't choose one. They all have a great atmosphere."

Diana Haswell, 64, a retired English teacher from Friars Cliff, said: "I would have to say the Mudeford Arts Festival. The event is really well supported by the community and that is why it is a success, with hand made crafts."

Brian Haswell, 65, also a retired English teacher from Friars Cliff, said: "I agree on Mudeford Arts Festival. It is a very well organised event and it always has a good feel to it. There's a huge rank of well made crafts made by local people."

Pauline Stevenson, 63, a retired administrator at the Open University from Highcliffe, said: "I'd be biased and say the family fun day, but overall Stompin' on the Quomps. There is a really good range of music and its such a laid back atmosphere to the whole event."

David Stevenson, 64, a retired police officer from Highcliffe, said: "I would have to say the fun day on the Quomps organised by the Lions Club. The event is offering something for everyone this year and all the money raised goes back into helping local causes."

Caroline Moss, 41, a music teacher from Christchurch, said: "Stompin' on the Quomps without a doubt. It was a real washout this year, but it's just great that all the community come out and it is something residents look forward to."

Dee Stilwell, 73, a retired PA at a construction company, said: "For me it would have to be Christchurch Food Festival. The event has a great atmosphere every year and the selection of stalls are always interesting."