AN EXPERIENCED artist is painting a collection of work which focuses on landmark sites in Christchurch.

Anthony Lawman is currently producing a series of watercolour paintings of the ancient borough.

The outdoor plein aire artist has split his time over the last ten years painting in London and Dorset.

The artist’s work in Christchurch has included pieces in Mudeford, Stanpit and the town quay.

Having painted all around Dorset, as well as the London cityscapes, Anthony said a personal connection drew him to Christchurch.

“My wife originally came from the Christchurch area. We split our time between Kent and Dorset,” he said.

“When I first came down to the Dorset I just fell in love with the place.

“There are two or three London galleries which take my work and I’m hoping to get the Christchurch paintings on display there.

“I have really enjoyed going out in the Christchurch area and painting some wonderful scenes.

“I plan to keep visiting different sites in the area until I think I’ve got a big enough body of work and then look at it thoroughly as a collection.”

Anthony has been painting seriously for around 30 years with a speciality in watercolour work.

He initially found a talent for art while at school and later decided to devout more time to his paintings.

Alongside his own work as an artist, he has been the chairman of the Tadworth Art Group in Surrey for 15 years, as well as teaching and demonstrating to groups in the south east.

“I sell a lot of work off the aisle as an artist which paints in situ, especially my watercolours. I also do oil paintings,” Anthony added.

“I often get a crowd of people watching me paint and there is a real interest in what I am doing.

“There is nothing really new to painting. I might like the pallet an artist uses and take inspiration or a quirky subject or location an artist has used and see what I can come up with.

“That is the great thing about art. You could ask 100 painters to produce something on the same location and each one would be unique in some way."