Brian Collins, 83, a retired engineer from Christchurch, said: "I can't really complain about my doctor. They have a hell of a lot to do. The hardest part is getting an appointment but otherwise I find my doctor very good."

Joan Collins, 83, a retired book keeper from Christchurch, said: "We have been very fortunate. Both of us had cancer but they found it very early and were able to treat it. People complain about doctors but we can't fault them. There seems to be such high expectations from some people."

Sharon Williams, 49, a gymnastics coach from Bournemouth, said: "My experience of the GP I use has been absolutely fine. The last couple of times I have had to go to my doctor there have been no problems and it all went smoothly."

John Ball, 84, a retired plumber from Christchurch, said: "I'm quite happy and find my GP does a good job. If I ring up for an appointment in the morning, they ring back at around 1pm and say come in at 4pm. To get an appointment on the same day is very good."

Roy King-Sherred, 70, a retired landscape gardener from Lymington, said: "Our previous practice was absolutely rubbish. My wife had to wait nine weeks to be seen once. We now go to the Barton practice and have had a much better experience from getting appointments to the overall time at the doctors."

Ann Allen, 56, a house wife from Stanpit, said: "Our GP is excellent. They didn't get a great rating in the figures which came out recently. With the pressure they are under they do a great job. Overall the health service I have experienced has been brilliant."

Cilla Rawles, 59, a retired house wife from Christchurch, said: "I think the service I receive from my doctors is great. They're under such a strain all of the time and there is a growing demand for their services. I can't fault the work they do."

Roy Turner, 69, a retired engineer from Bransgore, said: "I use my local GP and can say I have had an excellent experience. I have not had any problems with trying to get appointments and they are very helpful and polite to deal with."

Melody Fearnhead, 70, a retired hotel manager and school cook from Iford, said: "I've been with the same doctors for more than 35 years. I'm really pleased with my GP and unless I was forced to, I would never change practice. It's not just the doctors, it's the practice as a whole."