Richard Ansell, 72, a company director from Croydon staying in Highcliffe, said: "I've been to a lot of different beaches around Europe on holiday and the feel what is on offer here is perfect. Everything is natural and it's all so peaceful. I wouldn't like to see it change."

Desiree Ansell, 64, also a company director from Croydon staying in Highcliffe, said: "It is always nice to have some facilities on the beach level such as a café and toilets so people don't have to go to the cliff top every time, but there is the problem of restricting it from getting to commercial."

Audrey Murphy, a chiropractor and acupuncturist from Highcliffe, said: "I think the beaches are great as they are. I value having the sea defences in position. Some form of wheelchair access would be a good addition. Even just one access point in the form of a gradual slope from the cliff top."

Mandy Collins, a receptionist who also volunteers at Highcliffe Castle from Highcliffe, said: "I wish they would hurry up and get on with sorting the zig zag steps. It's a shame some people visiting the castle have no way of getting down to enjoy the amazing beaches we have here."

Michael Bond, 64, an electronic engineer from Slough who is regular visitor to Christchurch, said: "I like the fact there is facilities to look your bike down on the seafront rather than up on the cliff and also being able to cycle along in areas where it is safe to do so is great."

Margaret Bond, 64, a retired nursery nurse from Slough who is a regular visitor to Christchurch, said: "We come here a lot and I don't think much needs to change. At the Mudeford end there could be more parking. The toilets there have been done and they looked really well maintained."

Ray Brown, 75, a retired meat and livestock worker at the Ministry of Agriculture from Highcliffe, said: "I think the most pressing issue for Highcliffe locals is the steps down to the beach. The council removed them and everyone wants them replaced. There needs to be enforcement on litter and dogs on the beach."

Joanne Boyers, 63, a nurse who used to live in the Highcliffe area, said: "Overall I would just like to see them keep the beach as it is. Perhaps having toilets on the beach level would be useful. It would be amazing to have a land train run from Highcliffe down to Mudeford.

Jim Boyers, 59, a television production assistant who also used to live in the Highcliffe area, said: "There isn't really any reason to make big changes to the beach. The option of having somewhere to eat down from the cliffs in Highcliffe could be something to look into."