PLANNERS have voiced fears that Bournemouth’s micro climate could be affected by the proposed wind farm in Poole Bay.

Principal planning officer Steve Davies said climate change was among concerns along with potential noise, beach replenishment and traffic caused during the construction of the proposed wind farm.

In a report to the borough’s planning board, Mr Davies said: “It is important that these are investigated thoroughly even though they may appear of secondary importance. We also need to consider the implications of the environmental consequences on the local economy and tourism.”

Earlier Mr Davies recommended that the board highlighted their concerns about “the potential impact of the wind farm.”

He said: “The main issue is going to be the visual impact. Sea views are very important to the people of and visitors to Bournemouth. It is important to set out concerns.”

His recommendation won the board’s backing, although the council is not being formally consulted on Eneco’s wind park plans.

Cllr Mike Greene stressed the need for an independent report into the impact the proposed wind farm would have.

He added: “I have heard reports of wind farms where the effect has been like a helicopter – we could end up with no tourists.”

Cllr Lynda Price said: “I object to it very strongly. Are we prepared to take a chance with the climate? I feel more scientific studies are needed to assess how much we could lose from tourism and climate change.”

Cllr Johann Edward said: “I am particularly surprised to hear it could change the whole micro climate of Bournemouth.” He stressed the need for a three-dimensional visualisation of the proposed wind farm to assess its impact.”

Board chairman Cllr David Kelsey said: “Sustainability is an issue.

“The last thing anybody wants to see is the turbines not working after 10 years and we end up with rotten, decaying masts.”

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