EAST Overcliff Drive will reopen today after a landslip forced its closure.

Last week, the road was temporarily closed to allow for a detailed inspection of the area of cliff from both the top and bottom.

The assessment has shown no further movement has occurred.

The cliff will continue to be closely monitored as work progresses towards clearing the site, as well as preparing for longer term actions.

Chris Saunders, head of operations for Bournemouth council, said: “Following a detailed geo-technical assessment, a full review of the data collected will now take place, along with a full and thorough examination of historical information.

“At this stage, it would be unhelpful for us to speculate about the causes of, or contributory factors to the most recent cliff slip.”

An area of high fencing will stay in place at the top of the cliff and the council is asking the public not to enter this area.

Mr Saunders added further road closures along East Overcliff Drive would be necessary as the next phase of work is carried out.

“It is our intention to have the site cleared within the next few weeks. During this time, the site will become a working compound and, therefore, pedestrian access will be restricted.

“Signage on site will be updated to keep the public informed.”

The East Cliff Zig Zag to the west of Meyrick Road will also open from both the top and bottom of the cliff. The 120m cordon along the promenade at either side of the slip will remain in place.