POLICE stopped a driver travelling at 53 miles per hour in Castle Lane West, Bournemouth, on Monday night.

Officers for Dorset Police's No Excuses team pulled over a number of vehicles in just hours during the course of the evening.

Their first stop of the night was a motorcycle which activated an ANPR camera. The rider confirmed the £300 insurance policy had not been renewed, and told officers he had recently spent £250 cleaning the motorcycle.

The vehicle was seized.

Police then stopped a Volkswagen Polo as they were unable to see the rear registration plate. It was discovered the vehicle was being used for business use, which was not covered by the insurance.

Officers also seized the Polo.

An Audi was then seen attempting to "wheel spin" around a roundabout.

A police spokesperson said: "The driver thought it was a good idea to try and show off to the vehicle [next to it] at the traffic lights.

"The driver failed to notice it was an unmarked police car."

Officers reported the motorist for driving without due care and attention and issued a warning.

In their last stop of the night, police pulled over a driver travelling at more than 50mph. The speed limit in that stretch is 30mph.