A VAN driver was caught driving under the influence of drugs while on his mobile phone on the Upton Bypass.

Dorset Police’s No Excuse team saw a man driving a Ford Transit van while using a phone on Wednesday.

A spokesperson for the team said when the driver was stopped, he said he was having an argument with his boss on the phone.

The spokesperson said: “The driver appeared under the influence of drugs. He was asked, ‘Do you take drugs?’. He replied, ‘I don’t smoke cannabis’.

“He was asked, ‘Do you take any other drugs?’. He replied, ‘I took cocaine four days ago’.

The driver failed a roadside drug test, which showed positive for cocaine. He then admitted he had taken the drug at 4am while en route to work. He was arrested.

Later that day, officers stopped a vehicle entering Wessex Gate Retail Park. The driver had been driving in a “careless manner” and failed a roadside drug test. He was also arrested.