BOTOX solutions recovered from the home of a woman then married to an alleged bogus cosmetic surgeon contained beef gelatine, a court heard yesterday.

The glass vials were discovered in a freezer at the home of Lisa Bolster, it was claimed.

Bolster, 50 and of the Huntick Estate in Lytchett Matravers, is on trial at Bournemouth Crown Court accused of three counts of fraud and one of unauthorised use of a trademark.

Her former partner, Ozan Melin, 41 and of Pole Hill Road in Uxbridge, denies three counts of causing grievous bodily harm and three of fraud.

Prosecutors claim Melin has no medical qualifications, but injected three women with a substance they believed was Botox in 2011 and 2013.

Police raided Bolster's home in 2014 and made the discovery of vials labelled 'Botox', it was heard.

The substance was tested and found to be counterfeit, it is claimed.

Forensic plastic surgeon Colin Rayner, who analysed the treatment received by the complainants, told the jury he believed the woman had been injected with a noxious and extremely dangerous substance.

He claimed a beef product similar to that used to make jelly - which is potentially allergenic when injected and should not be used in Botox - was found in vials seized from Bolster's home.

It was heard that the reactions suffered by the complainants were "potentially life-threatening".

Dr Rayner said: "In my opinion these injections contained no active Botox.

"They certainly didn't receive any of the properly commercially prepared and tested Botox.

"Unpurified bovine gelatine is not an acceptable vehicle to transfer the drug, it is potentially a serious allergenic when injected.

"The reactions experienced by the three individuals in this case had the potential to be life threatening."

He described Melin's actions as "reckless" and said they fell well below the professional standard.

The complainants - Marcelle King, Jozette Sheppard and Carol Kingscott - all suffered an extreme reaction that caused long-lasting damage after allegedly being treated by Ozan Melin.

The trial continues.