MORE shocking images of dangerous drivers on the streets of Bournemouth and Poole have come to light.

Daily Echo readers have flooded the newsroom with dashcam footage showing the terrifying actions putting motorists across the conurbation at risk.

The images were sent to us after we highlighted the dangerous actions of a motorcyclist and two drivers in the paper and online this month.

One particularly frightening piece of footage shows a van attempting to overtake a car on the A31, near its junction with the A338.

It crashes into the car, bounces off it and spins across three lanes before continuing with its journey.

There is also CCTV footage of a motorcycle overtaking at a dangerously high speed and even a car driving along a pavement in a bid to get past queueing traffic.

Cyclist and motorcyclist Dave - who does not want us to use his full name - has taken dozens of pictures of drivers behaving badly in a bid to highlight the dangers he faces every day.

They include many pictures of drivers using their mobile phones while at the wheel.

He told the Daily Echo: "I bought my camera because of the bad drivers I encounter on a daily basis.

"One driver got out of a car and pushed me off my bike when he realised I had taken his picture."

Dave, who lives in Poulner, Ringwood, added: "I want to educate people about the dangers of what they are doing. People tend to pull out in front of cyclists all the time.

"Hundreds of drivers seem to think it's fine to use their phones when they are in slow-moving traffic but, in the time it takes to look at your phone and perhaps respond to a message, a child could have stepped out in front of your car."

Chris Trunwitt of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents said he believes all road users should be more patient and should give each other more room.

He said: "All different odes of transport users blame each other."

n The Daily Echo is keen to hear from anyone who has similar dashcam footage as part of our campaign to highlight poor driving. Send your stories, photos and video footage through to