I've got a challenge for you, and I think it's rather a goodie.

Think Desert Island Discs, but with foodstuffs. Basically, you're on an island, desert or otherwise, and you can only take ten foodstuffs with you.

What would they be?

Some supplementary rules (and yes, I know there's no logic to these, but I made this game up years ago with my family, so leave it out, alright?)...

• The only drink you have automatically is water. Want anything else? You have to take it with you.

• You can have salt and flour as a given, so you don't need bread on your list.

• EVERYTHING else you need to take with you, including spices. But you get a never ending supply of all ten things on the list.

So what would you choose? Email your list to me by clicking here and I'll post them on the blog.

We're also lining up some chefs to give us their tips, so keep checking back for our first "celebrity" castaway....