It's time for part three of the run down of the beers that will feature at Bournemouth's Beer Festival...

Lancaster Brewery, Lancaster

Amber 3.7%

Despite its name, this beer is a dark gold in colour, hoppy and citrus in flavour..

Leeds Brewery, Leeds, West Yorkshire

Midnight Bell 4.8% .

Leeds Brewery uses a yeast from the since closed West Yorkshire Brewery and is unique in doing so. Midnight Bell is a premium dark mild using crystal and chocolate malts.

Leyden, Bury Lancashire

Balaclava 3.8%

Sorry, I know nothing about this brewery.

Little Valley, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire

Hebden's Wheat [Cloudy] 4.5% .

Situated in a converted turkey shed, this wholly organic brewery has the approval of the Vegan Society and the Soil Association.

Hebden’s Wheat is, as the name suggests a wheat beer. Pale in colour, creamy with a bitter and fruit taste with a subtle hint of sweetness.

Loddon, Dunsden, Oxfordshire

Rin Tin Tin 4.1% Located in a 240-year-old brick and flint ex grain store. Rin Tin Tin has a caramel and malt aroma with a bittersweet hoppy taste.

Lymestone, Stone, Staffordshire,

Stone The Crows 5.4%

Fairly new to the scene, Lymestone brewey started in 2008. Stone The Crows is a strong tasting bitter. Dark fruit flavours and a long bitter fininsh.

Marston Moor, York

Brewers Droop 5.0% .

A strong-tasting sweetish golden ale from this brewery that don’t have a website.

Marstons, Ringwood, Hampshire

Ringwood Fortyniner 4.9% & Old Thumper 5.6%

To award winning ales from a top brewery. Fortyniner is named after the 1849 gold rush and is golden in colour . This ale has been brewed since 1978 and amongst the numerous awards it was a silver medal winner at the 1996 International Beer Competition.

Old Thumper named by Joe Leedham, a Broadstone resident who won a completion to name a beer. The beer has won many awards including CAMRA champion beer of Britain in 1988.

Mauldons, Sudbury, Suffolk

Suffolk Pride 4.8%

Mauldon family started brewing in the late 18th century. However in the 1960’s it was bought out by the Green King Brewery.

However two former Adnams employees bought the Mauldon name in 1982 and set up their own brewery. Suffolk Pride is a full bodied strong bitter, light in colour with a dry finish.

Mile Stone, Newark, Nottinghamshire

Black Pearl 4.3%

Located in a former 18th century textile mill, they have been brewing since 2003. Black Pearl is an authentic Irish Stout with notes of burnt toast & coffee.

Milton, Cambridge

Neptune 3.8%

Neptune is just one beer in the vast range of ales brewed from this brewery, who’s formation was dreamed up in the Karakorum Mountains of Northern Pakistan.

Where the, now owners happened to bump into each other, discovered their common interest in beer and on return to the UK formed a brewery.

For the full and interesting story, check out their website. Neptune is a copper coloured nutty but well balanced ale.

Moles, Melksham, Wiltshire

Molecatcher 5.0%

Roger Catte was a former brewer at the Ushers brewer where he received the nickname, mole.

When he set up his own brewery then what better name than Moles. He specialises in tradition all malt beers. Molecatcher is a spicy hop brew with a bitter finish..

Moorhouses, Burnley, Lancashire

Pride of Pendle 4.1% & Pendle Witches Brew 5.1%

Started as a drinks manufacturer, Moorhouses was established in 1865. However it wasn’t until 1978 that they started brewing.

However the have certainly made up for lost time, winning more national and international awards than any other brewery of its size.

Pendle Witches Brew has a full malt flavour, with a fruit aftertaste where as Pride of Pendle has a more balanced malt and hop taste.

Mordue, North Shields, Tyne & Wear

Radgie Gadgie 4.8%

Joseph Mordue was a brewer of distinction in the 1800’s. In 1995 the Mordue Brewery was revived and has gone on receive well deserved recognition around the country.

Radgie Gadgie is a stong bitter with a balanced fruit, hop and malt taste. It was awarded Champion Strong Bitter of Britain award in 1998.

Naylors, Cross Hills, West Yorkshire

Pinnacle Bitter 3.9% & Pinnacle Porter 4.8%

Originally based at the Old White Bear pub in Cross Hills when formed in 2005, they soon grew out of that location as so moved to their current location just a year later.

They are in fact one of two breweries at the festival that started at the Old White Bear pub, the other being the Old Bear Brewery (see below) Pinnacle Bitter is a malty mid-brown ale with a subtle bitter finish. Pinnacle Porter is an intense full-bodied porter,

Nethergate, Cavendish, Suffolk

Priory Mild 3.5%

According to the official beer list of this festival they claim this brewery is from Cavendish in Suffolk, where as it is from Pentlow in Essex just over the border.

However it did start life in Suffolk at a place called Clare in 1986, before moving across the border in 2005.

When it had to find larger premises to due increased demand. Priory Mild is an old-fashioned dark mild with a fresh bitterness.

North Yorkshire, Guisborough, North Yorkshire

Lord Lee’s 4.7%

Founded in Middlesbrough in 1989, This brewery is now based in the very grand setting of Pinchinthorpe Hall a medieval estate, situated in the North Yorkshire Moors National Park, complete with its own moat and more importantly from a brewing perspective, it has its own spring water. Lord Lee’s is a subtle sweet hoppy beer, brown/red in colour, with a bitter finish.

Oakham, Peterborough

Bishops Farewell 4.6% & Peterborough JHB 3.8%

As the name suggests, this brewery started life in Oakham, Rutland in 1993, before moving to Peterborough in 1998. In 2006 a new site was opened up in Peterborough.

However the original site in Peterborough has been retained as a ‘pilot plant’ used for experimental brews.

This arrangement must be working as Oakham has won numerous awards over the years.

We have two award winning beers at the festival. Bishops Farewell, SIBA National Supreme Champion of the Year 2009 Bronze Award Winner, is a golden ale. Slightly spicy with a strong bitterness.

Jeffery Hudson Bitter to give JHB its full name is another spicy brew, but straw coloured and a little sweet. It was the 2009/10 Gold SIBA East Region winner.

Oakleaf, Gosport, Hampshire

Hole Hearted 4.7% & Quercus Folium 3.8%

One of my favourite breweries. Founded in 2000 by a father-in-law, son-in-law team. Hole Hearted is a powerful, floral and fruity beer with a bittersweet finish. It was Champion Beer of Hampshire for 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006 & 2007. Quercus Folium must be a new brew as I have no details of it

O'Hanlons, Whimple, Devon

Original Port Stout 4.8%

O’Hanlon started as a pub, who landlord John O’Hanton had the idea to brew his own beer. The rest is history as they say. Port Stout is a dark chestnut-brown stout thanks to the roast malt.

Old Bear, Keighley, West Yorkshire

Estivator 3.8%

As mentioned above in the section for Naylors brewery, the Old Bear was also formed in the Old White Bear pub in Crosshills. Again increase in production meant a move away, again to Keighley. Estivator is a smooth, creamy golden ale with a hint of lemon with a hoppy bitter aftertaste..

Old Mill, Goole, East Yorkshire

Old Mill Mild 3.4%

Situated in a former malt kiln and corn mill, Old Mill craft brewery was formed in 1983. Old Mill Mild is an easy drinking dark mild ale. A nice session beer.

Orkney, Quoyloo, Orkney

Northern Light 4.0%

Orkney brews to strict ecological guidelines. With its own water supply and all waste water is treated via two lakes on the breweies land. These lakes support fish and wildfowl populations.

Part of Sinclair Breweries, Orkney was established in 1988 in an old school building in the hamlet of Quoyloo. Northern Light is a well balanced golden ale. Fruit and hop taste gives way to a bitter aftertaste.

Ossett, West Yorkshire

Silver King 4.3%

After nearly 40 years brewing for other brewers, Bob Lawson started his own brewery in 1997. From small beginnings Ossett Brewery has gone from strength to strength. Picking up many awards at festivals. Silver King is a lager-style beer with a crisp dry flavour.