April's blog: disaster strikes! but I'm still training

11:10am Friday 30th April 2010

By April Grayson

I’d like to welcome Marjo to the team, I’m sure she will be a great asset to us with her characteristic enthusiasm and energy.

I’d also like to congratulate Carole on her fantastic achievement of completing the Virgin London Marathon. It appears that she ran the whole way round with a big smile on her face! Well done Carole.

With the weather continuing kind and gentle for us outdoor runners I have been training regularly, and although I am still not very fast, I can keep going for about an hour before getting too out of breath and achey!

My regular run around Queens Park has a short sharp hill about half-way round and I normally walk up that and do some stretches at the top (Stetches are very important, especially when one is red in the face and puffing like a walrus!) The thing I am missing in my training is getting together with Paul,our personal trainer from Esporta, as due to a combination of work and other commitments I haven’t been able to get to a single one of his sessions.

On Tuesday I was determined to go and planned a light early supper after my early shift then to get to Esporta for 7pm for triathlon training.

However, just before I left work disaster struck, as the heavy drug box fell on my toe, leaving it all red and throbbing just like in a Tom and Jerry cartoon. As I lay on the settee that evening I felt a bit despondent about my chances of running again soon.

I slept with my poorly foot sticking out from under the covers, but by the morning it seemed a lot better. I got into my running gear and headed out the door, to find that my toe was fine, and I even managed to run all the way up that pesky little hill!


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