A YOUNG amputee golfer from Poole is celebrating second place on the Junior Open.

Leo Millar, 11, who featured in the Daily Echo last year, was born without a right hand.

But that hasn’t stopped him excelling at golf and aiming to become a professional.

And Leo, who can drive the ball more than 225 yards, has taken a step closer to his dream after finishing as runner-up in the Junior Disabled British Open.

As previously reported, Leo has been supplied with a bespoke prosthetic hand by Dorset Orthopaedic.

Leo slots a handle holder on to the sleeve, which rotates 90 degrees as he swings the club. He was fitted with the prosthetic after MD of Dorset Orthopaedic Bob Watts heard of Leo’s desire to play golf.

Now Leo is dreaming of one day being a part of heroics like those of Europe’s Ryder Cup team.

Dad Ian said: “We watched the Ryder Cup in a stunned silence. It was an amazing achievement, a fantastic end to a summer of inspirational sport. Who knows, one day it could be Leo.”

It could be a realistic dream after Leo’s golfing handicap dropped to 31.5 after scoring 39 points in the first round of the Open, before topping it off with 42 points in the 50mph winds on the second day.

Leo, who practises at Knighton Heath Golf Club, said he was now looking forward to future competitions and hoped he would follow in the footsteps of PGA Championship winner Rory McIlroy, who was part of Europe’s Ryder Cup team.