A BOURNEMOUTH family who saw their young daughter bravely battle leukaemia are backing a dynamic new campaign to raise awareness of the devastating disease.

Millie Moore was just four when a routine blood test in January 2011 revealed she had leukaemia.

She had been suffering from flu-like symptoms, which had been going around Millie’s school, and as a precaution mum Sophie sought help from her doctor.

Sophie, who lives in Northbourne, says her family will always be thankful to the doctor who sent Millie for the blood test which revealed the leukaemia early enough to give Millie the fighting chance she needed to beat the disease.

Following months of on-going and often gruelling treatment, Millie, who is now six, is on the road to recovery.

Speaking about the diagnosis, Sophie said: “I thought at worst she had glandular fever and I felt numb when they said she had cancer. I knew what leukaemia was but didn’t know much about it.”

Sophie, who also has two-year-old son Harry, spent most of the next three months in hospital with Millie as she bravely faced treatment.

“I was on auto-pilot at first and it didn’t really hit me until six months later how serious it was.”

She added: “Some of the other children we met in hospital didn’t make it.

“We were so lucky our doctors dealt with Millie quickly.

“I am sure that made all the difference.

“Others are not so lucky. I never thought in a million years this could happen to Millie.

“I felt out of control and unable to protect her”.

Millie’s treatment will continue until next April. Week-long steroid treatment leaves her feeling particularly unwell. The youngster attends Parley First School in Ferndown as often as her treatment allows.

The school and her friends have been very supportive.

Sophie said: “She has bravely dealt with everything she had to face, including trying to keep up with her school work despite being in and out of hospital.

“Despite being through the mill, she is still full of smiles”.

Stars of TV and screen back campaign

MILLIE’S diagnosis changed the Moore family’s lives forever.

Now they have joined forces with Cancer Research UK and Channel 4 to launch a dynamic new campaign to raise funds for vital research into the devastating disease. 

Stars from television, music and film are supporting the campaign called Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C).

They include Gwyneth Paltrow, Alan Carr, Davina McCall and Embarrassing Bodies’ Dr Christian Jessen. 

Channel 4 will support the campaign on-air for a week this month, culminating in a live fundraising entertainment extravaganza on Friday, October 19.

Today three in four children with cancer are cured, compared to one in four in the 1960s.

The Moore family are calling on people in Dorset to get involved.

For a free fundraising pack visit standuptocancer.org.uk