It's a Bank Holiday Weekend, which means it's time for our now-customary not-at-all-serious-so-please-don't-write-in weather round up.

August has been a bit of a mixed bag so far, so will the rain stay away for the final bank holiday of the summer and give Bournemouth's businesses something to smile about? 

First, the Met Office, who have issued a weather warning  for Saturday predicting heavy showers and gusty winds. 

"Spells of heavy rain and thundery showers have the potential to cause disruption during Saturday. The public should be aware of the risk of surface water flooding, with strong to gale force winds an additional hazard for southern counties," reads the warning.

Their forecast has heavy rain on Friday night and Saturday morning , easing off on Saturday afternoon leaving a sunny day on Sunday. Monday will be dry but cloudy, with some rain in the afternoon and evening.

The BBC agrees, with heavy rain again forecast for Friday afternoon and heavy rain showers set for Saturday morning. Sunday will be dry and sunny with Monday sunny, cloudy and showery.

The Weather Channel has an 80 per chance of rain on Friday and Saturday , a cloudy but sunny Sunday and a showery Monday.

And finally, our own forecast predicts 12mm of rain on Friday with just 0.1 hours of sunshine, 7.6mm on Saturday, with a measly 1.7 hours of sunshine, a sunny Sunday and a showery Monday.

So unusually, they're all pretty much in agreement for once. We'll be back on Tuesday with a round-up for the forecasts for the Air Festival .