YOUNG Olympic fans of Usain Bolt have immortalised the fastest man in the world by creating a life-size model of the gold medal-winning super-sprinter.

Ferndown youngsters visiting the Heatherlands Community Centre spent their days crafting and sculpting the two-dimensional model of the Jamaican athlete as part of the centre’s annual art week.

Every day different groups of youngsters worked from 10am-4pm helping to put together the world-famous sprinter, spending a total of 24 hours crafting the masterpiece.

Pupils had guidance and advice from artist Darrell Wakelam, who was the mastermind behind the project.

Tracy Cooper, culture and young people strategy manager at East Dorset District Council said: “He looks amazing. I’m so proud of everyone who helped to create the life-size model. In his famous pose, you can definitely tell who it is meant to be.

“The children worked so hard, building, painting and paper-machè-ing the model all week.”

The arts week has been held for the past three years, with youngsters also creating a model of East Dorset’s very own Olympian, Charles Bennett. As part of the event this year, some of the children were also invited to a night at the Priest’s House Museum which included spooky stories and other activities with storyteller Taprisha.

Other activities throughout the week included a mini-Olympics , making clay medals and a vibrant Olympic wall mural run by different Dorset artists.

It was funded by Synergy’s Neigbourhood Panel Zone, East Dorset Year of Celebration and East Dorset District Council arts.