PART of an upmarket Bournemouth shopping arcade was closed off because the glass roof started slipping just after a £200,000 refit.

A small central area of Westbourne Arcade was closed for safety reasons with no through access.

However Bournemouth council has now carried out temporary repair works to the roof so the arcade remains open for business.

Tony Williams, Chief Executive, said: “I would like to thank the co-operation of traders for clearing the arcade to enable officers and equipment to the roof. “I am pleased to report that our teams were able to carry out the temporary works outside of the trading hours and the arcade was fully open in time for business the following morning.

“Maintaining public safety is of paramount importance and we will continue to work closely with traders whilst they find a permanent solution to ensure the arcade can remain open for business.” Originally the traders had clubbed together to pay for the work on the listed structure.

But around eight panels in the central area slipped, partially exposing the sky, and the council was informed to inspect the roof condition.

One trader said: “The roof has been a debacle. Every shop had to pay £12,000 and it was at least £200,000 between us.

“The council had said ‘unless you get the work done we will investigate for health and safety’.

“The glass is slipping already after we had nearly a year of scaffolding in here.”

Somer Ozdemir, 48, from Ottomania, said: “The council is not being fair at all.

“We had to pay £12,000 each because of them. The council didn’t pay anything.”

Peter Trickett, principal building control officer for Bournemouth Council, said: “The council has never issued a formal notice.

“As a private property, the residents and traders are responsible for the cost and organisation of any repairs needed.

“The type of glass and replication of the structure was specified by the council because it is a listed structure.”