A DAZZLING sign has been made by one Weymouth resident who is calling for the return of the town’s fairy lights.

Buxton Road in Wyke Regis has been given an extra sparkle thanks to Allan Legg, 64, who is proudly displaying a statement sign outside his home.

Fairy lights surround the homemade display which says ‘fairy light glory to laser shame’.

It comes after people power forced the issue back on to the council agenda with a protest petition bearing almost 1,700 names.

The painter and decorator claims that two police officers knocked on his door to enquire about the sign.

The campaign to bring back the fairy lights has been led by resident Dave Burchill who believes the seafront is a ‘dark and unwelcoming’ place without them.

The traditional strings of coloured lights, which hung along the seafront since the mid-1950s, were removed last year and replaced with modern lighting and lasers as part of a seafront regeneration scheme.

Mr Legg, who lives alone, said: “I think 80 per cent of the town want the fairy lights back. The laser lights look like they fell off a Klingon spaceship.

“I think the police only came round because I live on the ‘Olympic highway’ so they are worried what visitors will think.”

He added that he admired how Mr Burchill and others were applauded as they spoke up in favour of the fairy lights at a meeting of Weymouth and Portland Borough Council at the Guildhall.

Members of the public crammed into the public gallery to hear the outcome of the debate.

Councillor John Birtwistle successfully proposed the fairy lights issue be investigated further by the council’s management committee.

Mr Burchill said: “Any advertising to get the fairy lights back is a good thing. It is something that the whole town wants back.

“I just want the council to listen to what the town folk are feeling.

“I have nothing against the laser lights but I do want the fairy lights back.”