Superintendent Nicky Searle, violent crime lead for Dorset Police, said: “We are working closely with partners, as a key member of the Boscombe Regeneration Partnership, to address issues that affect the trust and confidence of people living, working and visiting Boscombe.

“Operation Dismantle has been successful over the past three weeks in removing active drug supply networks in the town, and we will continue to target suppliers and users.

“Operation Planet is committed to removing prostitution from the streets of Bournemouth, working to deliver sustainable exit strategies for on street sex workers, and targeting kerb crawlers through re-education and conviction.

“Local officers in Boscombe are also working hard to reduce anti-social behaviour caused by street drinkers, drug use and supply.”

Cat McMillan, Bournemouth Council community regeneration officer said: “The Churchill Gardens area was prioritised this year as the main focus of work by the Boscombe Regeneration Partnership group and work is already beginning.

“We will be launching a regeneration programme in July which will capture all the multi-agency work.”

Andy Williams, the council’s safer and stronger communities manager said: “Bournemouth Council works closely with Dorset Police to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour, both through prevention and enforcement. “There are a number of activities taking place to target those who are responsible for anti-social behaviour in Boscombe including increased CCTV to tackle prostitution.”