Boscombe market is opening itself up to aspiring entrepreneurs with a special deal during Love Your Local Market fortnight.

New traders can take up a stall for just £10 per day from Saturday, June 23, to Saturday July 7.

The offer is also open to existing shop owners who have never operated at Boscombe market before.

The Mary Portas report on High Streets presented to the government called for a “national market day”.

The idea was taken up by the National Federation of Market Traders and that led to Love Your Local Market fortnight.

There has also a been a slight drop in recent trader numbers, particularly because of high petrol prices.

Market manger Rodney Wilson said: “There are at least four traders with shops in Boscombe who started on the market.

“It also creates employment even on a small scale.

“The market is viable – this is not a desperate measure – but we could do with more variety.”

Town centre manager Roger Parker, who is responsible for the market, said he hoped to tap into some entrepreneurial spirit, something the government is calling for during the recession.

Mr Parker said there was “money to be made” and mentioned a recent episode of The Apprentice where toy insects were bought for 60p and sold the same day at a market for £2.99.

He added: “The market is hugely important for Boscombe.”

The market trades on Thursdays and Saturdays and they are the busiest shopping days in the precinct.

There are usually 20-25 stalls, from small gadget stands, to the huge Saturday fruit and veg stall, whose owner gets the stock from London each morning.

Traders need insurance and their own tables.

For full details call 07968 968683 or