THE RAC says almost half of drivers they questioned are concerned about other people using hand-held mobiles while driving.

But despite their concerns, an alarming 27 per cent of all drivers and 38 per cent of 17 to 44-year-olds admit to using a mobile without a hands-free kit.

The figures were released by the organisation in their Report on Motoring 2011. It also revealed in the last 12 months:•

• 27 per cent of drivers admit to texting while driving, although 19 per cent said they would do it only while stationary;

• Nine per cent of drivers have done their make-up or shaved while driving;

• Some eight per cent have accessed their email, Facebook or other social networking sites, and other phone apps on their handsets – this number rose to 24 per cent of those aged 17-24 and 12 per cent aged 25-44.