A GROUP of teenage girls in Poole have proved they’ve got business nailed with a funky new product.

The team of 12 Parkstone Grammar School students has found a cool and easy way to paint different designs on to fingernails and it’s proving a hit with customers and business gurus alike.

Team Kawaii, which is Japanese for cute, has won a Dragon’s Den-style event where they had to pitch their £15 ‘nail plate’ kits to a fearsome panel of financial advisers.

Kawaii nail art, which isn’t otherwise available in the UK, allows users to paint spots, hearts, stripes and other patterns using special metal discs, a stamper and scraper.

Managing Director Bryony Routledge, 17, said: “It’s so easy to do. The idea is really simple and the kit is really practical.

“It can fit in your make up bag so you can carry it around with you, and it’s affordable.”

The girls, who set up their business last September under the Young Enterprise Scheme, had to fundraise before they could buy-in 50 kits and make their first £150.

They meet each week at Barclays House in Poole and have held stalls at Castlepoint and charity nights, like at The Pilot pub, in Canford Heath last night, as well as taking orders in school.

A 500-kit batch of their own exclusive designs, including spots, stars, flowers and leopard print, is coming in from China.

Shoppers at the Dolphin Centre will have the chance to buy during the Easter holidays.

Under Young Enterprise rules, Kawaii will liquidate at the end of July, but the girls think they will continue.

“It’s been very exciting and we’ve enjoyed it so much,” Bryony said.

“I’ve really seen our team grow in confidence as we approach customers and businesses.

“We’ve had to do market research and gained real experience.

“This has taught me how to cope with a team, pressure and time management.”

Search Kawaii nail art on Facebook for more details.