AT Morrisons in Weymouth people were queuing round the car park and out on to the road.

But staff were able to direct traffic, keep cars moving and reduce the queues. Fuel supplies had been running low yesterday morning until a tanker turned up.

Assistant deputy manager Warren Allner said: “It’s been very busy, people have been queuing round the car park.”

The BP garage in Upwey also saw long tailbacks as people descended on the site.

The Texaco garage in Wyke Regis had no fuel by lunchtime yesterday, although staff said they were expecting a delivery today.

Charlestown Motors run out of fuel at 10.30am yesterday.

Manager Godfrey Tout said: “We did a week’s sales in just over a day.”

Esso in King Street, Weymouth, ran out of unleaded petrol on Wednesday afternoon and diesel on Thursday morning. Staff said they were hoping to get a delivery soon.

The Esso garage at Lanehouse Rocks Road shut the forecourt for a couple of hours to allow a delivery tanker to get in.

When the garage reopened at lunchtime queues formed on both sides of the road as motorists rushed to buy.

Later people were seen taking in jerry cans to fill up and a fire engine was also on scene filling up.

The Esso garage on Granby Industrial Estate was closed in the afternoon and the forecourt coned off.

In Dorchester motorists queued down Weymouth Avenue. A spokesman said: “Unleaded fuel ran out yesterday morning and the garage only has diesel.”

On Portland, staff at the Esso Garage on Easton Lane had to limit people to only £10 each.

One staff member said: “We are letting people fill up £10 now. Just to get through to our next delivery.

“We’re ok for fuel – but we’re running out so we’re just limiting the amount people fill up.