This is an impressive attempt to make much of the magical qualities of Shakespeare’s cautionary tale of ambition, treachery and guilt.

Ultimately though Platform 4 theatre company have succeeded only in creating a frustratingly uneven production of this great tragedy.

It has its moments and Robert Bryan’s lighting combined with sound composed by Bic Hayes and designed by Jules Bushell creates a tangible sense of unease as the murderous plot unfolds.

Unfortunately at Lighthouse on Wednesday the performances failed to gel and as Scottish warrior Macbeth and his scheming wife clawed their way to power and then attempted to deal with the awful consequences, the audience’s attention was clearly wandering. People walked in and out of the theatre, changed seats, coughed and rustled sweet papers.

With a story like Macbeth and a text so wonderfully rich, ruthlessly vicious and compellingly mean, that simply should not have happened.

It’s perhaps worth remembering that Platform 4 was founded specifically to make new works but found itself working on a very successful production of The Tempest and then Macbeth.

“We have got ourselves into a bit of a Shakespeare groove and when you are in there it’s hard to get out.” says director Simon Plumridge.

Maybe they should revert to Plan A.