AN outspoken Dorset Police officer faces disciplinary action after tweeting about cuts.

PC Nick Manning blasted Tory minster Theresa May, his senior officers, a lack of manpower, and the focus of resources on Bournemouth.

He told his followers he had been given a ‘Regulation 14’ notice – a notice he is under investigation for possible misconduct.

PC Manning tweeted: “Might be taking a break from tweeting as I’ve just been reg 14’d for ‘inappropriate content’ on here. Should be an interesting interview.”

And he later added: “Thank you all for your support, my reg 14 says I undermine public confidence and bring discredit on the service... we’ll see how it goes.”

PC Manning is a police federation representative and chairman of the Constables Board. He acts as a ‘discipline friend’, to help officers who are themselves accused of misconduct.

The Echo has reported on him working at Swanage station but has recently been currently working around Blandford.

PC Manning has 192 followers.

He wrote in his Twitter profile: “I’m just a busy Cop and Fed Rep in Dorset.

“My views are my own and not of Dorset Police. Never be scared of the truth or free speech.”

Dorset Police federation secretary Steve Davenport said: “As the matter is under investigation we are unable to make a specific comment at this time.

“However Dorset Police Federation is aware that many Dorset Police Officers enjoy using social network sites whilst off duty.

“All Police Officers have a right to a private life and as such should be entitled to make responsible use of any social networking site’.”

A Regulation 14 is a notice given to a police officer informing them that an investigation is being conducted into their conduct.

A Dorset Police spokesman said the force does not comment on internal staffing matters.

Bournemouth Cllr Nick King is a police authority member and a regular tweeter.

He said: “It’s not unusual for an officer to tweet how they feel about police cuts – I follow quite a few officers who do that.

“As an individual, he has got every right to say what he likes. But if you are in a public position there’s a line to be drawn.

“And if he is only saying there are three police on duty in the north of the county, there’s a concern criminals could see that.”

He added: “I have not had it raised a consistent issue that there are too many police officers concentrated in Bournemouth.”

North Dorset MP Bob Walter said: “It’s not something that I would want to get involved with.

“I have every confidence that the Chief Constable will deal with it as a disciplinary matter.

“Obviously policeman should not be expressing party politics views in their capacity as police officers.”