The ultimate rags to riches story brings a flurry of festive magic to Poole with a sparkling show that delivers fun for all the family.

This is a romp-along production that tugs at the heartstrings and tickles the funnybone.

Produced in-house by Lighthouse, it has a sizzling cast with Ed Petrie as cheeky chappy Buttons vainly trying to woo Rosanne Bates’ beautiful Cinderella and save her from the cruel Ugly Sisters.

The sinister siblings are played with perfect timing and a wardrobe from Hell by Bobbie Kent and Anthony West. It’s hard to say whether they or Buttons get the most noise out of the audience but at the merest whiff of injustice ( and there’s plenty of it) the roar from the stalls sounds like a plane taking off.

With deft direction from Tara Wilkinson, inventive costumes and great music and dance the tale of the Baron’s daughter forced to work as a kitchen-maid but saved by the love of a handsome prince makes a fine show.

Allo Allo’s Guy Siner plays both Baron and King, Last of the Summer Wine’s Sarah Thomas is the Good Fairy and Mostyn Lawrence is the Prince. Special mention should go to 20-year-old Roger Dipper who is making his professional stage debut and an impressive impact as Dandini.

The show has everything. Even real live Shetland ponies to pull Cinderella’s carriage.