A HOLIDAYMAKER was so enamoured with the charms of Poole he has penned a song about it, which he is sharing with the world on YouTube.

Harbour Romance, written by amateur musician David McLeod for his wife Carole, was inspired by their holidays in the town over the last 30 years.

The charming love song praises Poole Harbour as “Nature’s paradise” – and draws on their “memories of summer times” – including “holding hands on Evening Hill” and Sandbanks, where they “cuddled in the dark”.

The couple, who live in Yorkshire, have been visiting Poole for decades – including with their two children, and three grandchildren. They come back three or four times a year even now.

David, a 61-year-old retired electrical engineer, told the Echo: “The whole area is just amazing. We love it down there.

“We have so many happy memories – and we’re still making them. We thoroughly enjoy it – it’s our second home.”

Although David wrote the song years ago, he has only now recorded it and added a video with images from Poole Harbour.

It has already been viewed nearly 300 times and is winning praise from listeners.

“The feedback so far has been tremendous – I’m really pleased with it,” he added.

Cllr Brian Leverett, leader of the council, Borough of Poole, has listened to the tune, which he called “a beautiful and very personal tribute to Poole and its harbour”.

He added: “It captures the beauty, uniqueness and tranquil nature of the area which makes visitors return again and again.”

Michelle Holland, Poole Tourism deputy tourism manager, said: “People are very passionate about our town and it is great that Poole and the surrounding areas have provided the backdrop to such a romantic gesture.”

And as for David and Carole’s ongoing romance with Poole Harbour? They are planning their next visit later this month.

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