A TINY Jack Russell dog is lucky to be alive after being mauled by a rottweiler and a huge bull mastiff on Studland Beach.

Helpless Benji, a five-month-old family pet, was left needing emergency treatment in an oxygen tent after suffering a punctured lung and two broken ribs.

Benji was so badly injured onlookers first thought he may not survive.

Owner Michael Moses, aged 41, said: “My neighbour had taken him for a walk on the beach. They were at the little café near the Banks pub when this powerful rottweiler and bull mastiff just shot out and pinned him to the floor.

“He survived it all, but by all accounts he should be dead. Unfortunately my friend was in such as state, so shocked, that they didn’t get any details from the owners of the two dogs.

“These owners then left the scene.”

Thankfully Benji seems to have quickly bounced back to heath following last Sunday’s 4pm attack.

However, Michael, from Poole, has been left to pick up a £900 vet bill.

“I’ve been back to the beach to see if I can find the owners of these other dogs, but I doubt they’ll go back there,” said Michael.

“I have two children and I bought the dog as a family pet. They both felt quite bad about the attack. He’s really bounced back to health, but what if these dogs had attacked a child?”

A Purbeck District Council spokesman said: “We haven’t received any official complaint about a dog attack.

“If he had any details of the owners we would be able to have a word with them, but we probably wouldn’t be able to take any enforcement action.”