ANGRY residents are calling on the people of Dorchester to boycott a play in which actors appear naked.

The Blue Room, by award-winning playwright David Hare, caused a stir five years ago when Hollywood star Nicole Kidman peeled off her clothes for a role in the play in London's West End.

The play is based on La Ronde by Arthur Schnitzler, who was prosecuted for obscenity and had his play shut down by police at the first performance in 1921.

Now the series of nude romps - starring Dominic Colchester and Adele Lynch, from One From The Heart theatre company - is set to shock the county town in a joint promotion by Dorchester Town Council and Dorchester Arts Centre.

The actors play 10 characters between them, including a cab driver, an au pair, a politician, a model, a student and a married woman, who all take part in various liaisons.

But outraged residents are objecting to the play's sexual content and use of strong language. Former district councillor Bob Stenhouse of Cerne Abbas said: "This is a waste of public resources. I see no purpose in putting this sort of thing into a stage play. It is just unnecessary."

His wife Mary, 71, said: "Who wants to see that sort of thing anyway? We don't - it is not family viewing and should not be seen here. People of our generation find it an absolute embarrassment."

Former town mayor Wally Gundry, 69, of Dorchester, added: "I am not a prude, but I really do feel that some very risqu things like pornography are passed off as art when they are not particularly artistic.

"So I am not in favour of this and people shouldn't go and see it. We have to cater to all sorts of tastes, but this is not the sort of show that I would go to see."

People under the age of 15 are banned from seeing the show, which is part of a two-for-one Dorset Dares scheme where people who see a 'risqu' show can get money off the next one. Director of Dorchester Arts Centre, Sharon Hayden, said: "There is no sexual activity in the show, but the two actors are naked for some of it.

"The arts centre promotes lots of different events to cover the broad cross-section of Dorchester's community.

"People have a choice whether to attend or not."

The Blue Room takes place in the Corn Exchange on Wednesday, June 4 at 8pm.

Tickets are available from the box office on 01305 266926.