A TERRORISED mum who stood up to antisocial behaviour on her Poole estate has received a heartfelt apology from one of her child tormentors.

Asher Nardone, who suffered years of abuse at her home on the Rossmore Estate, received a visit from the 12-year-old boy after his family saw her plight reported on television.

It was a powerful moment for both as they shed tears and hugged each other.

The mum-of-two told the Daily Echo: “He was genuinely very upset. I hugged him and told him how brave and special he was to come and say sorry and how much it meant to us. It was a very moving moment.

“For me it was very important to forgive because I knew how hard it is for people to confront their victims and acknowledge what they have done and put it right.”

Footage of the attacks on Asher's home

The apology came after the boy and his family watched ITV documentary Nightmare on Your Street.

It featured Asher, a full- time carer for her severely disabled son.

She suffered years of abuse after moving to the estate in 2006, including bricks thrown through her windows, repeated vandalism of her car and verbal and even physical attacks.

After watching it, the 12-year-old admitted he too had thrown things at the house a few years previously.

His distraught parents contacted their safer neighbourhood officers, who arranged the meeting in Asher’s home.

She added: “I think these parents showed brilliant parenting and that is to be admired.”

Sergeant JP Oosthuizen of the Dorset Police Safer Neighbourhood Team for Rossmore and Alderney said such meetings were a “very effective process” which helped both parties move on.

They have been repeated with two restorative justice conferences on the estate, allowing offenders and their victims to come face to face and talk. It has already created a “change in attitudes”, according to Sgt Oosthuizen.

He added: “We want them to be in control of their own community and feel responsible for it – and if there are problems, to have the means, through discussion and communication, to resolve them.”

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