AFC Bournemouth is getting behind another local charity and is calling on the community to help.

The club’s second charity initiative will take place on Saturday August 15 at home with Rotherham to raise a target of £22,400 for the Youth Cancer Trust.

The YCT welcomes over 200 teenagers and young people with cancer each year. The youngsters come from all over the UK and Ireland to stay at Tracy Ann House in Bournemouth and enjoy fun activities and a chance to spend time with their peers.

AFC Bournemouth hopes to fund holidays for 56 young cancer patients over the summer.

Adam Murry, who lost his father to cancer when he was 16, said: “I am able to relate to what effects cancer has on people’s lives and I am proud to be able to support through AFC Bournemouth, and AFC Bournemouth youth, this amazing charity.

“Our youth team will now act as ambassadors to the Youth Cancer Trust and together we can make a big difference to these young adults lives.

“I would personally like to thank the board, the staff and players at AFCB, The Daily Echo, Astute, Fleet Personnel, Dave Jennings from Vital Football, Apple Cars and all the supporters who have contributed so far.”

The YCT has founded in 1997 by Brenda Clark who had lost her only child Tracy Ann, aged 21, from cancer.

Donations and cheques, made payable to Youth Cancer Trust, should be sent to Adam Murry, AFCB, Dean Court, Bournemouth, BH7 7AF. Please include you name, address and postcode in order for a receipt to be kept of your donation.