A surprise candidate for next month’s Euro elections is a woman who famously said “no” to Sir Alan Sugar on TV’s The Apprentice.

Katie Hopkins, 32, made a spectacular boardroom exit, witnessed by more than six million viewers, after getting down to the final three in the 2007 series.

The outspoken businesswoman is standing to become an independent MEP in the south-west, lined up against a massive 16 parties, the second largest number in the country after London, which has 19.

Katie, who lives at Exeter, known for her caustic put-downs and no-nonsense attitude, is the only independent in the region in the June 4 election.

She has an equally straightforward approach to politics saying: “What we all need right now is a bit of common sense. Party politics no longer really exists. They all look the same, sound the same and share the same middle ground.”

The mother of two daughters has a five-point Buy British manifesto and knows what it feels like to be in the media spotlight, with a former teenage boyfriend speaking to the press about their relationship at the time of her Apprentice stardom.

“Although many of our politicians seem to have scandal to hide, my personal life is no longer private,” she said. “Quite frankly, all my skeletons left the closet a long time ago. What you see is what you get.”

There are six vacancies to fill, but residents only have one vote, ticking the box for a party or independent on an enormous ballot paper, over half a metre in length.

All 89 candidates have to be listed and a system of proportional representation will weed out the winners.

The count will take place in Poole on June 7, where Borough of Poole’s Paul Morris is regional returning officer.

Parties standing are: British National Party, Christian Party “Proclaiming Christ’s Lordship”, Conservative Party, English Democrats Party, Fair Pay Fair Trade Party, Jury Team, Liberal Democrats, Mebyon Kernow – The Party for Cornwall, No2EU:Yes to Democracy, Pensioners Party, Pro Democracy:Libertas.eu, Socialist Labour Party, The Green Party, The Labour Party, United Kingdom Independence Party and WAI D.

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And speaking of the Apprentice, have you seen the Lego version of last week's episode?