AN international array of jet fighters will take to the skies over Dorset next week.

British, French and American planes will be carrying out mock attacks over the county.

Operation Early Resolve flights over Dorset will be on November 6 and 7, 9am-11pm.

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Planes like the ear-splitting Eurofighter Typhoon, last spotted locally at the Bournemouth Air Festival, will be flying at low levels.

The exercise is classified “medium level” and designed to prepare pilots for deployment in Afghanistan and Iraq. They will practise close air support techniques, like bombing Taliban forces which ambush British patrols, and forward air control techniques where specialist troops – or special forces – guide in the planes.

Aircraft taking part include the Tornado, Hawk, Harrier and Typhoon, as well as the French Naval Rafalea and Super Etendarde, and the American F-15 Strike Eagle.

The planes will be using practice munitions at the Castlemartin range in Pembrokeshire, Wales, where they will operate from November 10-14.

The MOD has not yet revealed where in Dorset the planes will be flying.