A NEW Forest mayor is urging patients to tell doctors and nurses if they have a penicillin allergy after he suffered a severe reaction.

Ringwood mayor Brian Terry has been out of action for a month after his limbs swelled up and his entire body was covered with blisters and peeling skin.

Cllr Terry knew he was allergic to the antibiotic but was allegedly administered it by a nurse before undergoing an investigation for prostate cancer at Salisbury District Hospital.

"I had the procedure on the Monday and on the Friday I had a phone call to tell me I hadn't got cancer, which was excellent. To me that was a great relief," he said.

But the bad news was that by then the allergic reaction had set in.

The tablets had been administered before the biopsy on August 4.

"There were no instructions with them, there was no paperwork and I didn't know what they were," he claimed.

It later turned out one was ciprofloxacin and the other was penicillin-based augmentin.

At no time was he asked if he had an allergic reaction to penicillin, he alleged.

He started to turn a bright red colour before the procedure.

"By the time I came home that evening my thighs were red raw and raging," he said.

After that it grew steadily worse, with his fingers and legs swelling and irritating water blisters everywhere.

He had to rub a paraffin-based gell onto the affected areas and wear a special protective suit.

"The worst part of it was feeling so dirty and uncomfortable," he said.

He has been unable to attend several mayoral engagements and has missed two important planning meetings because of his incapacity.

"I want to make sure people report their allergies or problems when they go to hospital because their doctor's notes don't always follow them.

"I wouldn't wish this on anybody, what I've gone through."

A Salisbury hospital spokesman said: "The trust is unable to comment on issues relating to an individual's care.

"To date, the trust has received no formal complaint on this matter. If a formal complaint is received, this will be fully investigated through the trust's normal policies and procedures."