A RETIRED couple may have had a close encounter of the third kind while out for an evening stroll near their Parkstone home.

Jack and Shirley Kendal were taking shots of the sunset, earlier this month, to use up film on a disposable camera, when they inadvertently snapped a cigar-shaped object hovering over the Fleetsbridge area.

Shirley, aged 75, said: "I don't have a clue what it is but I thought others might want to take a look at it. I often take shots of the sunsets because the colours area so impressive. I didn't see anything at the time though, it was only later when we got the film developed."

When Shirley showed the pictures to her family, they suggested sending them into the Echo.

"We all had a bit of a laugh, but the same day the Echo ran a story about UFO sightings, which we thought was quite eerie."