A RAPIST smashed his head against a glass screen and shouted "Kill me, kill me now!" after hearing a jury's verdict.

Xiangwei Li was one of two Chinese students convicted of raping an 18-year-old Chinese student after a drinking game.

After the verdict at Bournemouth Crown Court yesterday, he shouted "No" and "Please" to the jury.

He grabbed a glass panel and repeatedly head-butted it before being restrained and led to the cells with help from the police officer in the case and six security guards.

He later returned to the court in a calmer state after the jury had been sent home.

Li, 27, of Richmond Hill, Bournemouth, and co-defendant Ho Lau, 20, of Garfield Avenue, Bournemouth, were both business students at Bournemouth University.

They were convicted of the rape after a re-trial and were told to expect lengthy jail terms when they are sentenced on February 29.

The tearful victim told the court that she recalled waking twice during her ordeal to discover she was being raped, first by one of the defendants and then by the other.

"They ruthlessly exploited the situation to their advantage," said prosecutor Ian Fenny.

She was also a student and is now back in China.

Det Con Jack Longhurst, the officer in the case, said: "My admiration for her is incredible - she went through the hard process of giving evidence not once, but twice.

"That she has got some justice will be fantastic news for her.

"This was a heinous crime committed on a lady who was very drunk and unable to give consent."

Li, whose girlfriend was in court throughout the trial, asked for his bail to be extended so he could put his affairs in order and mentally prepare for prison, but it was refused.

Ho asked the same, and his defence said he had not told his parents about the case, but bail was also refused.