RESIDENTS of Morrison Road in Swanage have expressed their sadness at Gaia’s disappearance.

Dot Bonfield said: “It is terribly sad, she’s such a young girl. I don’t know what went on there.

“Something so close to us you wonder where she was to begin with because she’s disappeared – it’s difficult to know what to think about it.

“The police came here on the Thursday and asked me to look out the back and in the garage.

“It’s such a shame and hard to know what’s going on.

“Obviously I think something horrible has happened rather than she has just gone off somewhere.”

“I only know of her through this. The flats up there are like a little community. I know people in there, but I don’t know a lot about them.

“I’ve never seen our road so busy as it has been the last few days.

“Last night there was all this noise going on and I picked up eventually if was coming from the front.

“They had a big wagon out there removing a vehicle.

“Eventually they loaded up a vehicle and the minute it left a police car came up the road. This was late in the day, around 9pm.”

Another Morrison Road resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said they returned to their house on Monday afternoon and saw a large police presence in Manor Gardens.

“I’ve heard they arrested two people, but we don’t really have a lot to do with them to be honest,” the resident said.

“We try to avoid them most of the time.

“It is so sad, especially as it seems to be so close to where we live.”